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Valery Uspensky graduated from the Leningrad Conservatoire. Since 1960 he has enjoyed various conducting responsibilities, including posts as the Chief Chorus master of the of the Opera and Ballet Theatre in Ulan-Ude, the Director of the Children’s Choir of the Leningrad Radio and Television, Conductor of the Song and Dance Ensemble in the Far Eastern military district, Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of the Khabarovsk Choir, and Director of the students’ choirs in the Khabarovsk Institute of Culture and Arts. At present Professor Uspensky is Head of the Choral Conducting Depart ment at the St. Petersburg Conservatoire. In recent years he has held master classes with choruses from various coun tries, including the choruses of Tauscon University (USA) and the Higher School of Music in Enschede (Holland).