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The town of Oberlin, Ohio, now with an 8,600 population was founded in the spring of 1833. Already in December 29 men and 15 women students were admitted to then Oberlin Collegiate Institute. In 1850 the Institute was renamed the Oberlin College. The department of music was added in 1867.

The Oberlin College today cherish traditions of its early commitment to high intellectual standards, to liberal education, to emphasis on artistic excellence as well as to high moral and social obligations and responsibilities.

The Oberlin College combines The College of Arts and Sciences (2,200 students) and the Conservatoire of Music (650 students).

The Conservatoire of Music offers diverse curricula. The four-year undergraduate programme involving professional and academic courses leads to a Bachelor of Music degree. The two-year programme for performers leads to a Performance Diploma. The two-year programme for post-graduates leads to an Artistic Diploma.

The Conservatoire also offers limited programmes for post-graduates leading to the Master of Music (opera theater, conducting), the Master of Music Education and the Master of Music Pedagogy. All these are five-year programmes integrated with Bachelor of Music programmes.

Oberlinís facilities are unsurpassed by any school its size. It has one of the nationís most extensive college library collections, fine arts collections, first-rate facilities for performers, for theater art students, for natural science studies, as well as first-class computer equipment and sports complex.