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The Enschede Conservatoire works in close collaboration with the orchestra Oosten National Raisopera, the popular group ATAK, the Music School (Enschede) and Podium Twente. In addition, the Conservatoire continues traditional cooperation with conservatories in the cities Arnhem and Svoll.

The Enschede Conservatoire is the international center of the Eu ropean International Chain of Conservatories, High Schools, and Aca demies — CHAIN (Conservatories Hochschulen Academies Internation al Network).

Hogeschool Enschede has recently added the word «Saxion» to its name; so did Hogeschool IJselland in Deventer: both universities merged to form one organization in 1998. The new name has been created to emphasize the cooperation between the two institutions (visualized by the large X) and because of the historical location of the universities in Saxony (an old name for this region).

The Saxion Universities are located in the East of the Netherlands on two campuses, in the old Dutch cities of Deventer and Enschede.

Most of the students at the Saxion Universities are foreign students and the courses are subsequently held in English.